B.F.P., Lesy a statky Tomáše Bati, spol. s r.o.

Lesy a statky Tomáše Bati
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B.F.P., Lesy a statky Tomáše Bati, spol. s r.o.
Loučka u Valašského Meziříčí 44
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Forestry production

The company manages the property in accordance with LHP (The Forest Economic Plan) which ends in 2019. A new Forest Economic Plan is been in preparation since the beginning of 2019.

Unfortunately, conditions for management have dramatically changed in the past years! Since 2015, when we started solving problems related to the bark beetle calamity, the volume of plant-growing activities has been gradually growing. Currently it is up to the amount of approximately CZK 20 million. In 2018 logging had grown to approximately 105 thousand m3.

The company ensures complete forest care starting from silvicultural operations, through forest protection up to exploitation and renewal of forest stands. Annual cost of the silvicultural operations detail +/- fluctuate around CZK 4 mil.

Logging operations are performed by classical technological processes, using the latest harvesting technologies, namely in thinning forest stands. In severe terrain conditions we use also horses and cableway for skidding. The services of private haulage contractors are used for wood transport.

The average annual volume of logged and skid wood is approximately 27.5 thousand m3detail +/-

The property includes also the handling and dispatch warehouse in Vsetín. In order to secure minimum production costs and the best quality sorting the production is organized in a manner so as the appropriate timber is delivered to the dispatch warehouse.